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    Beige Ankle Boots – By Promod


    Hello ankle boots lovers !

    I’m back today with a new video ! I wanted to introduce a French brand, Promod. You’ll see me wearing some of their clothes pretty often because they have great collections for each seasons, but also they have good quality shoes, and really affordable. I bought those booties last spring and I’m not disappointed ! I love their look, they’re different from the regular beige boots we see everywhere : they’re pointy (so I can kick some asses), comfortable, they have BUCKLES (omg I love buckles) and the faux suede upper material doesn’t look that faux. For my European fellows, if you don’t have a Promod in your city, check-out their website because they do ship a lot of countries.

    The rest of my outfit comes from the same store (haha, my closest friends will make fun of me for that but oh well). As usual, I buy almost all of my stuff at Mango ! I linked everything for you at the end of the article and you should definitely go check it out because there are some serious sales waiting for you ! And guess what, this store does ship everywhere on earth (almost).

    This outfit is pretty different from the previous one I posted last week, but I love too many styles to just stick to one so in this blog you’ll see a lot of different things !


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