About me

Who am I? 

I’m Marine, a 23 year-old young woman who lives in Dijon, France. Although I’ll most likely move to Texas soon. I am curious, adventurous, open minded and independent. I believe in freedom, love and happiness.

I studied Medical Sciences and I am a Laboratory Technician. I love playing with weird bugs.

What do I love?

Besides bugs, I love simple things of life.

I love photography, capturing moments to make them eternal and I love fashion, especially shoes. Don’t ask me why, I’m just addicted!

I also love exploring, travelling. It’s a privilege to discover new countries and cultures, but also cumulating life lessons and human experiences. Taking the best out of all these things makes me a better person.

Why Marine Has Freckles?

It’s to combine both my love for photography and fashion that I decided to create Marine has freckles.

Clothes are a way for me to stand out and feel good at the same time. I’ve actually became more confident since I started this blog. I never thought exposing myself would be so hard but I’m feeling way better about my body now and I’m accepting it as it is.

Marine has freckles is also a source of inspiration for you girls. I love to share and I’m trying my best to give you outfit ideas and fashion advices so you can feel great about yourself too!


With love, Marine.